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Career/Engagement Skills                        Digital Literacy Skills                        Applied Academic Skills                   STEM-Related Skills

Adaptability                                                Computer Technology                     Applied Mathematics                      Analyze

Collecting and Organizing                        Database Usage                               Reading                                             Engineering Concepts

Information                                                 Graphic Design                                 Research and Analysis                     Technology Driven

Creativity                                                     Media Literacy                                  Writing                                               Science Concepts

Professionalism                                           Office Suite Software                       Multiple Languages                          Cause/Effect relations

Leadership                                                  Coding                                                                                                           Predict/Conclude

Project Management                                 Software Development                                                                                 Repair equipment

Public Speaking                                          Spreadsheet Usage                                                                                       Uses software

Presentations                                              Web Development                                                                                        Mathematics concepts

Understanding Aspects (or industry specific technology)

Workplace & Career Specific Skills

List three to five skills that will be a focus for this work-based learning experience.  Choose from the following examples or identify other skills relevant to the specific worksite environment and/or career goals.

List of objectives and/or skills to be mastered.  Based upon industry-defined competencies within the career pathway.

                                       SKILL                                                                    RELATED JOB ACTIVITIES


The employability attributes provided below as Profile Elements are essential in every work environment throughout one's career.  Discuss and review with the student how each attribute is the foundation upon which specific workplace and career ready skills are aligned with the Profile of the SC Graduate. Each attribute is a basic expectation for the work-based learning experience and serves as the criteria of measure for the mid-point and final employer evaluations.



  • Attendance


  • Appearance


  • Punctuality

  • Arrives on time and prepared for work

  • Clean, neat appearance

  • Dresses appropriately for position and duties

  • Wears ID Badge in accordance with work policy

  • Practices personal hygiene for position and duties

  • Participates fully in tasks or projects from start to finish

  • Initiates interaction with supervisor as necessary

  • Dependable; able to work with little supervision

  • Uses good judgement

  • Teamwork


  • Collaboration

  • Works productively with others, individually and in teams; supports class mission and goals

  • Accepts direction and constructive feedback with positive attitude.

  • Cooperative

  • Critical Thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • Notices and identifies challenges and problems that arise

  • Brings concerns to attention of supervisors when appropriate

  • Develops solutions to challenges and problems by analyzing available information and looking at options, guided by expectations for the job and/or project

  • WorkplacePolicy

  • Integrity

  • Culture

  • Safety

  • Exhibits understanding of workplace culture and policy

  • Follows policies for use of computers, phones and social media

  • Respects confidentiality

  • Complies with health and safety rules

  • Adheres to cell phone usage policy




  • Knowing How To Learn

  • Eager and willing to learn

  • Listens and observes to learn

  • Asks questions

  • Initiates to seek answers

  • Inquisitive

  • Manages time effectively

  • Information/Media


  • Technology

  • Knows how to locate necessary information to perform tasks

  • Uses digital media literacy to identify, access and analyze

  • Displays global knowledge with use of technology

  • Global Perspective

  • Identifies and respects cultural diversity

  • Seeks to work towards conflict resolution

  • Thinks globally and understands link to people worldwide

  • Initiative


  • Motivation


  • Self-Direction

  • Creativity/ Innovation

  • Introduces new ideas or methods for task or work process

  • Imaginative: Thinks outside the box

  • Shares ideas and insights

  • Encourages engagement

  • Communication

  • Communicates effectively, orally and in writing, using the language and vocabulary appropriate to a variety of work audiences including co-workers and supervisors. 

  • Demonstrates active listening skills; focuses attentively, makes eye contact or other affirming gestures, confirms understanding and follows directions

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