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Welcome Work-Based Learning Employer

Thank you for your interest and involvement in School District of Pickens County (SDPC) sponsored work-based learning (WBL).  Through local partnerships the SDPC provides opportunities for students to intentionally apply classroom learning in the workplace and workplace learning in their academic setting. The result is a well-documented improvement in lifelong student success.


Please follow the steps below:

1. Create a position description. Upon approval, each position will receive a unique 

    position description number with variations applied for each student hired. (It is

    also possible to create multiple position descriptions if a company is seeking to

    fill a variety of WBL jobs).

2. Once a student has been selected for hire, please email the WBL Facilitator and

    provide the student(s) name as well as the supervisor name, title, email address,

    and phone number. 

3. A training agreement will be emailed for final signatures.

4. Evaluations will need to be completed for each student.  All students receive a          Final Evaluation.  Some will also receive a mid-point evaluation.  Evaluation links      will be emailed when evaluations are due.  Please have the final evaluations              completed by May 1st. Students may continue working past May 1st evaluation          deadline, if feasible.

5. Employers will be expected to sign-off weekly on student hours worked.