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Elizabeth-Kelly Pope

Thank you for partnering with the School District of Pickens County’s Work- Based Learning Program. To date, over 120 students have participated in co-op, internships, or apprenticeships this year. The opportunity for students to work and receive instruction, training, and mentorship is an invaluable experience.

As we look to the end of a successful school year, we need to have final evaluations completed on each work-based learning student. This step is vital for the students to receive credit for their time and effort. Please take the opportunity to discuss the evaluation results with the student so they may understand how their skills and abilities have improved as well as where they have opportunity for continued development. The students are expected to work through the end of the school year or beyond!

All evaluations need to be completed by Friday, April 19, 2019.

To complete the evaluation, follow the link above.

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Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.